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Vault Funding Group adds new UClose, Programs and Pricing to their arsenal.

August 12, 2018

Introducing the fastest, easiest, most revolutionary way for us to close your loans. UClose is an exclusive online tool from one of our lenders that gives us the power to go from clear-to-close to closing in just a few hours and puts money on the table in less than a business day.

With UClose, we’re in complete control of the closing process, and with the exclusive Instant Funding, you won’t wind up waiting on a wire at the closing table. Simply put, UClose is the fastest, easiest way to close your new loan and is offered to our borrowers at no cost anytime the need may arise.

The loan closing process can be extensive without a tool like this. Our loan officers are equiped to execute this option at certain times upon request of the client. As the process of the loan progresses, and time frames become more apparent, a knowledgeable loan officer can advise and inform the client of the possibility of missing a closing date with a conventional closing process, this is where the value of a UClose can be utilized to lessen time frames and thus "make" the closing deadline and leaving the client satisfied and fulfilling the ultimate goal.

August 4, 2018

Interest Only loans are back. With the stigma still lingering from years past, the redesigned interest only loans are becomming a hot commodity for the right situations. Based on a 30 year ammortization with a 5 year or 7 year fixed period and an adjustable rate thereafter, it can help liquid cash flow at the onset of a mortgage.

Interest Only loans offer our clients the flexibility to choose a lower monthly payment, ultimately saving them hundreds of dollars each month. In addition, purchase clients will benefit from a greater monthly cash flow, enabling them to increase their buying power. With no pre-payment penalties, unlike the previous versions of the product, the benefits of the initial few years can then be refinanced to a fixed rate note when cash flow is no longer a problem.

Although the product is not beneficial for everyone, it remains a useful tool to enable certain situations to be maximized with little risk to the client. Ask your loan officer if it's right for you.

July 16, 2018

Advantage Plus Pricing. Vault Funding Group introduces its new Advantage Plus Pricing for Conventional and FHA loans. Lower loan to value and higher credit values should be recognized as we can now reward our qualifying clients with better pricing and overall loan terms.

Your best loan value can be achieved thus putting you in the best equity position possible by paying lower interest rates and contributing more to your principal each month. General qualifying conditions include lower loan to value percentages, higher loan amounts and upper tier credit scores although certain case by case exceptions can also be made to qualify. The interest rate benefit can be from a mere 1/8th of a percentage point to as much as a half of a point depending on the scenario.

This will undoubtedly be an advantage to many borrowers in the future days to come and an unprecidented way to serve clients to the maximum potential.

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