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From Our President & CEO. . . . .

                                                                                . . . . . James P. McCown

To You, Our Valued Customers,


     My name is James McCown, NMLS #13637 and President of Vault Funding Group.  I've always felt an obligation to take a moment and tell people a little bit about who they do business with.  Knowing that clients can obtain services from an enormous array of outlets in today's saturated marketplace, I believe that exceptional morals, ethics, communication and a true desire to deliver a quality product are key to the welfare of doing good business today. 

     Being a Lincoln Nebraska native with over 20 years in the Mortgage industry, allows me the insight to "put myself on the other side of the desk" with our clients.  I realize that we conduct mortgage transactions day in and day out, however, you the client, only transact a few in your lifetime.  We feel that staying conscious of that very fact is of great importance to help understand the thoughts and desires of our customers.  As we have all heard "horror stories" that people experience, making a mortgage transaction a pleasurable, happy and exciting time in ones life is our ultimate goal.  

     Whether it's your first time or another one of many, we welcome any questions you may have in the process.  And as perfection is impossible to obtain, we continually strive to achieve your complete understanding of the entire transaction.  If our clients don't know the answer to something, we plead that you will ask.

     Our final goal is to make your completed transaction so satisfying, that it would compel you to return to us for any of your other mortgage needs.  Many lenders can complete a home loan, but we hope to be set apart from many others and protect our most precious asset. . . . . You, the customer.


     Thank you for the opportunity to serve you, your patronage is always appreciated,



                                                                                                            James P. McCown



Our Valued Business Partners

Full Service Lending For You


Our relationships with various high quality business partners to complete your transaction enables

you a more comfortable and confident experience. At Vault Funding Group we have built strong ties

with Title & Escrow Companies, Appraisal Management Companies, Closing Attorneys and Realtors to facilitate any needs that your situation requires. With many options available to you, a simple consultation discussing your choices, the capacity of your desired involvement, and how you want to proceed with your loan, will ensure the best service possible from all of  our partners.


The benefit of our partnerships. . . . . .

We want you to have the best mortgage possible, and with the availability of multiple "peripheral" companies to handle your 

title, appraisal, closing and escrow needs, we will do just that.  You can be assured that all facets of your transaction will be handled correctly, professionally and with the best case results in mind.  Although none of us can predict market trends, new

lending laws, property valuations and various unknown circumstances that can cause a mortgage to not reach completion,   


these companies have the desire and knowledge to perform at a level you deserve and to set and achieve the many requirements and goals needed to attain a high quality and completed mortgage transaction to your satisfaction.

We hope this will continue your

relationship with us for any of your future mortgage needs.   


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